Personal Statement Checklist

Many students struggle with putting together their personal statement to apply to university. Many thanks to Renée Kapuku (@reneekapuku) for allowing us to share her personal statement checklist.

Finding Scholarships

Don’t have any scholarships in your GrantFairy WishList? Let’s fix that for you… 1) First, DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION OF THE APP 2) Then find your COURSE…   3) Tap the GREY TICK by the course name to SELECT it.   4) The TICK turns BLUE   5) Now check out the SCHOLARSHIPS in your […]

Changing Your Email Address

Hey! A number of our high-school and college students have contacted us to ask how to change the email address on their GrantFairy account: some because it’s easier to use a gmail/hotmail account, others because they’re leaving school and they won’t have access to their school email address any more. 1) Hit the “hamburger” icon […]

HUGE £20k Scholarship Win

HUGE £20k Scholarship Win! Recently we told you about Hannah who was aiming to find a scholarship to take up her offer of a place at Cambridge to study an MPhil in Education. Well superstar Hannah just landed that scholarship… a MASSIVE £20k… and we are absolutely delighted for her! Hannah is just one […]