Hi, I’m Myles Jardine.

Like all my friends, I applied to university in my final year of high-school.

But tuition fees had just trebled from £3,000 to £9,000 per year and I calculated that, including living expenses, I would end up graduating with a debt of around £50,000.

I was fortunate enough to be offered a place at university, but in the end I decided not to go because I was too worried about the debt.

And crucially, I had no idea that there were other sources of funding available aside from student loans.

But there are.

In fact, there are thousands of scholarships, grants and bursaries available to help students pay for their tuition fees and living expenses: the problem is, they’re often very poorly publicised and it can be extremely difficult to find information about relevant scholarship opportunities.

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The solution? GrantFairy — a mobile app which helps students find scholarships to pay tuition fees and living expenses.

The app is easy to use and it does all the work for you: just enter a handful of details (the university you’ll be attending, your course, etc.,) and you are instantly matched with dozens of scholarships which are specifically tailored to your personal circumstances.

GrantFairy was born out of the personal frustration of being unable to afford to go to university, and from the desire to ensure that other students wouldn’t be put in a similar position due to a lack of funds — education is a valuable gift, but the financial burden of student loans and the worry associated with the debt is clearly something we would all rather be without.

Want to know how much funding you can apply for?

Download the app here!

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Myles Jardine, GrantFairy Founder